Sustainable Forestry Initiative

SFI For Landowners


Private landowners like you own more than 56 percent of Georgia forests. Decisions you make affect the value of your property but also have many positive benefits for the economy and quality of life in Georgia. The SFI Implementation Committee of Georgia understands and values the contributions of family forest owners and wants to provide you with the resources that will help you sustain your forests today and for the future.

And, SFI program principles extend well beyond forestry activities on SFI program participant lands. SFI program participants that buy wood and wood fiber from other landowners have to comply with specific SFI principles that govern wood procurement activities. As a landowner, this should provide some reassurance when you are selling your timber.

When planning or conducting any forestry activities, landowners also are encouraged to seek the assistance of qualified resource professionals, including: professional foresters, wildlife biologists and SFI-trained loggers.

Landowner Information from SFI
SFI in Georgia has published several informational pieces targeted to Georgia landowners.

  • Plan Now. Sustain Your Forest. – This brochure is billed as a “quick management guide for Georgia landowners”. Download now.
  • Landowner Information Packet – This helpful information package covers key sustainable forestry topics that all Georgia landowners should consider. Email your request to receive our Georgia forest landowner information packet or you can Download now.
  • Magazine and Newsletters – Joining our mailing list will also give you access to annual updates on sustainable forest management topics. More information can be found here or email your request to join our mailing list